Dogwood Garden Club Flower Bombs Eatonville

IMG_4144Last week Lisa Libby organized a group of us to go around and plant up the containers being ignored around town.

Thanks to Lisa, Kathy Mettler, Lynn Smith, Sharon Aguilar, and Mary Bewley the pots are looking great!



Learning About Miniature Gardens

photoOn Thursday, June 12, we met at Sheryll Slayton’s home for our final meeting of the year. It was a kind of a grey day, but Sheryll and co-hostess Ginny created a cheery spot.

It’s been  a productive year and Mary and Rosie gave us a hint that Dogwood will be receiving a few awards at the next district meeting.

Our last talk this year was given by member Kathy Mettler, who gave us a miniature garden 101 class. Now there is no excuse not to have a garden, since you can create an entire landscape in a flower pot.

Although the year is winding down, we’re gearing up for one more event this summer — Art in Bloom. See you then!


John Valentine comes to speak at April Meeting

John Valentine speaking to the Dogwood Garden Club

John Valentine speaking to the Dogwood Garden Club

Jan Landry hosted this April’s meeting along with co-hostess Kathleen Owen. Great food and the view of Eatonville, Mountain Rainier and Ohop Valley was breathtaking.

We had our own seed exchange and swapped seeds ranging from black hollyhocks to parsnips. We’ll see how everyone’s gardens look a few months from now.

Lastly,we had Master Gardener John Valentine come speak again, this time on seeds and year-round gardening. It was fascinating and we left with our heads swimming with new ideas and information.

Next up is the club’s annual plant sale. Everyone is busy potting up for the big event! See you at the Eatonville high school gym on May 1.


Bouquets for Memorial Day

Making bouquets for soldiers' graves

Making bouquets for soldiers’ graves

The Sunday before Memorial Day, a group of us met to make approximately 130 bouquets for the soldiers’ graves.

Thank you Sharon for letting us work in your spectacular chicken coop. And thank you everyone for providing lots of greenery for make some stellar little arrangements.


May Day Plant Sale a Success

Hard at Work at the plant sale — Sheryl, Ginny, Betty, Debbie and Mary

Hard at Work at the plant sale — Sheryl, Ginny, Betty, Debbie and Mary

The Dogwood Garden Club plant sale held May Day at the Eatonville High School was a success.

“Congratulations to all of you who contributed to the plant sale and who WORKED SO HARD!!!!!  We made $402 dollars which is what we usually make when we have a raffle and we didn’t have one this year, so your plants carried the load,” says Mary.

Lots of plants

Lots of plants

“We had very high quality things which sold quickly.  Thank you all for your efforts.  Debbie, Betty Allison, Sheryll, Rosie,  Ginny., Sharon A. and SharonB spent the day selling.”

Field Trip to VanCor Gardens

VanCor Gardens

VanCor Gardens

You won’t want to miss the next meeting May 9th — a tour of VanCor Gardens near Orting, Wash.

Owners will be giving a tour of their 4-acre oasis that include trees, flowers, cutting garden, orchard, koi pond, bonsai and more.

Bring your sack lunch and if you’d like to car pool meet at the Family Center at 9 am.

Dogwood Park Clean Up a Success

Thumbs up - Dogwood Garden ClubThe Dogwood Garden Club members showed up April 29 at the Dogwood Park outside Eatonville to prune, weed and perform general maintenance. Of course, there was also time set aside to have coffee and donuts.

It was a gorgeous day —  the daffodils were blooming and the birds were chirping. Anyone who hasn’t stopped by the park to take in a spectacular view of Mount Rainier should give it a look.


Plant Sale, May 3rd

Plant saleThe May 3 plant sale is coming up soon. Make sure you’ve got your plants potted up, labeled and ready for delivery at the Eatonville High School. We will be unloading and setting up between 8 am and 9 am at the small gym. Just drive up the back entrance (track side) and the tables are right there by the door.

If you have any questions, contact Diane Mettler at 360-832-1745 or

See you then.


Staking Plants

Staked plants at Vashon Island Garden Tour

Staked plants at Vashon Island Garden Tour

At our March meeting we talked about creative and green ways to stake and label plants, including using recycled items.

Diane Mettler talks about some of the things you can use and considering — like creating your own tomato cages from left over wire fencing and using sticks that you’ve recently pruned. Other members chimed in with other creative ideas — like cutting your tomato cage in two and giving yourself a small and large cage.

Labeling we decided could be stylish and still recycled — from old silverware to  hand crafted stick markers.

It will be fun to see if we’re staking better this year.


Greg Graves talks about Garden Rooms

One of the garden rooms at the Old Goat Farm

One of the garden rooms at the Old Goat Farm

On January 10th we had Greg Graves, co-owner of the Old Goat Farm, come talk to us about designing garden rooms.
We left with a lot of valuable information, like:
• first deciding how you want to use the space
• creating mystery
• the differences between formal and informal
• creating structure
• decorating up the space
•  . . . and that flowers come last.

The meeting was held in the Eatonville Visitor’s Center and Helen Neighbor and Mayumi Jones, were hostess and co-hostess. Thank you for the warm coffee on a cold day and the wonderful desserts.