Past Presidents

IMG_8078Past Presidents

Mrs. Preston Parrish, 1952-54

Mrs. Lewis Taylor*, 1054-55

Mrs. Mark Carew *, 1955-56

Mrs. Carl Day*, 1956-58

Mrs. Thomas Tracy*, 1958-60

Mrs. Stanley White, 1960-62

Mrs. Victor Byrd, 1962-64

Mrs. Bruce Painter*, 1964-66

Mrs. Warren Lofquist*, 1966-68

Mrs. David Walch*, 1970-71

Mrs. Leo Campbell*, 1971-72

Mrs. Jesse Hoskins*, 1972-75

Mrs. William Woolf, 1975-77

Mrs. Howard Byers, 1977-79

Mrs. Frank Rigos*, 1979-81

Mrs. Edward Shafer*, 1981-82

Mrs. Mary Bewley, 19=82-83

Mrs. John Gayda (Swadley)*, 1983-87

Mrs. William Woolf, 1987-90

Mrs. Cecelia Lind*, 1991-94

Mrs. Mary Bewley, 1994-95

Mrs. Hilde Korschinowski*, 1995-99

Mrs. Anne Koch, 1999-2007

Mrs. Sheryll Slayton, 2008-09

Mrs. Rosie Trujillo, 2009-11

Mrs. Sheryll Slayton, 2011

Diane Mettler, 2012 to present

* Deceased

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