Objective & Projects

Rosendals Garden in Stockholm Sweden

Rosendals Garden in Stockholm Sweden


1. Share our garden bounty and beauty.

2. Be active in community garden projects.

3. Participate in State and District projects.

4. Expand our knowledge about recycling.

5. Continue to learn more about design and horticulture.

Also, this year the Dogwood Garden Club will focus on reuse and recycling, which underlines NGC’s objective to project to protect aquatic ecosystmes. Each month we will be looking at the many ways we can recycle in our yards and tread a little lighter on the planet.

Continuing Projects
1. Junior Garden Club: Help Junior Garden Club plant bulbs in the fall around the Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker.

2. Blue Star Marker: Maintain Eatonville Cemetery Blue Star By-way Marker.

3. Memorial Day Bouquets: For the May Memorial Day program at the Eatonville Cemetery we provide bouquets for the soldiers’ graves.

New Projects
1. President’s Award: members get points for participanting in activities through out the year and the member with the most points is awarded an “artsy” prize with a recycled flair.

2. Eatonville Garden Tour: Members will help host the event.

3. Adopt a Business: Members will help businesses with their new Mashell Street planters, giving them ideas for plantings and monitoring the containers.

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