John Valentine Speaks to Dogwood about Hydroponics

Very studious club

Very studious club

On February 23, we met at Lynn Smith’s new home. Her fabulous new place, was one of the highlights of the day.

The other big even though was speaker John Valentine, who spoke to us on the basics hydroponics. He tried to smash into one hour and overview of what takes him a semester to teach. He did a great job though and I think we all left with a firm grasp of what things we need to learn and do (that won’t cost an arm and a leg) to get started.

John Valentine

John Valentine

The piece of his talk that stuck out for me was that hydroponics are on their way. It might now seem that way out here in Eatonville where we have room to garden. But in the cities, there is a lack of space and a lot of mouths to feet. In some areas they are building hydroponic greenhouses right on top of the grocery store. You can just walk upstairs for your lettuce.

We’ll have to see if anyone gives it a try. If you do, please report!

(Thanks for the pictures Anne!)

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