Mark’s Ponds Take our Breath Away

The Trout Pond created by Mark the Pond Guy

The Trout Pond created by Mark the Pond Guy

On October 13, the Dogwood Garden Club got the chance to tour “Mark the Pond Guy’s” yard. Mark installs ponds for a living, but his ponds are more than just pools of water. Mark is a garden artist and his ponds, although each stunning, were designed to even more be more beautiful viewed from each window of his home.

His wife, Cindy, treated us to fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies, while Mark showed us around and told us stories of how he got started. He also told us how to get rid of heron — put in a fake alligator. Who knew.

Mark’s yard has three pondless waterfalls, a koi pond and a trout pond, among other things. Next year they are going to be incorporating music into his yard when his wife (an accomplished pianist) will be performing in the garden.

I think every one of us left thinking we needed a pond in our yard.

Enjoying Mark's Ponds

Enjoying Mark's Ponds

Thank you Mark for your hospitality.

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