Recycled Door at the home of Terry Van Eaton

Recycled Door at the home of Terry Van Eaton

Welcome to the Dogwood Garden Club, of Eatonville, Wash.

Besides keeping you posted on our activities, we hope to entice you come visit one of our meetings. We have a lot of fun and do a lot of good work in the community.

Browse around the site. Or, scroll down to see some of our past events.

This year our theme is reuse — or upcycle as some people say. This picture shows a couple examples of upcyling. The table top is an old millstone, the the totem is created of unused ceramics, gears and croquet balls that have seen better days.

If you would like to get involved with the Dogwood Garden Club or have any questions, feel free to email President Diane Mettler (diane@spilledinkstudio.com)

Also, if you’d like to join us on Facebook, just click HERE!

Hope to see you soon!



Clean up at Dogwood Park – April 2018

April 2018 clean up

April 2018 clean up

A big thanks goes out to all the members who attended the Dogwood Park cleanup on April 26. In addition to trowels and loppers, several of you members (including a couple husbands) showed up with weed whackers and really made a dent in the overgrown foliage.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or view!

The event was followed with coffee and donuts. Everyone went home happy and hopefully with very few sore muscles.


Having Fun Making Wire Cages at the Old Goat Farm

Greg Graves showing us how to make cages

It was our final meeting this year and we made it a field trip out to the Old Goat Farm on a rainy day in June. It worked out just fine. We held the meeting in a hoop house and Greg Graves showed us how to make wire cages from chicken wire to support our flowers and decorate the garden. It inspired us to go home and make few more ourselves.

It’s been a great year and we ended it on a fun note.

Next event is Art in Bloom, July 15, where we will be found behind a flower-filled booth.

Diane Mettler

Great meeting in a hoop house at Old Goat Farm

Talk of Tours in Ireland

Dillon Garden

Dillon Garden

Kathleen Owen gave the garden club a virtual trip through many of the spectacular gardens in Ireland she visited earlier this year, like the amazing Dillon garden.
It was enjoyed by all — although we were a little jealous we couldn’t have seen these gardens firsthand.

Thank you Kathleen for opening your home and taking us on the tour.

Enjoying the talk

Enjoying the talk


Back in the Groove

September was our first meeting, which was held at Lynn Smith’s house. We were all impressed at how far her garden had come since that last time we were there.

Here we are all seriously eating and listening about succulents. I’m not sure if we’ll all become succulent growers, but we had fun.


Dogwood has a wonderful time in Olympia

2015-06-11_Fairie Garden shopping Shopping at the Fairie Garden, Tumwater and enjoying Rosie’s wonderful picnic lunch at The Schmidt House, Tumwater, while hearing the history of the property and the Olympia Brewing Co.

it was a different garden and his selection of plants was quite different.  Found a couple of plants I have been looking for but never seen anywhere else!

2015-06-11_Schmidt House 5Anne Hartman

Dogwood Garden Club Flower Bombs Eatonville

IMG_4144Last week Lisa Libby organized a group of us to go around and plant up the containers being ignored around town.

Thanks to Lisa, Kathy Mettler, Lynn Smith, Sharon Aguilar, and Mary Bewley the pots are looking great!


John Valentine Speaks to Dogwood about Hydroponics

Very studious club

Very studious club

On February 23, we met at Lynn Smith’s new home. Her fabulous new place, was one of the highlights of the day.

The other big even though was speaker John Valentine, who spoke to us on the basics hydroponics. He tried to smash into one hour and overview of what takes him a semester to teach. He did a great job though and I think we all left with a firm grasp of what things we need to learn and do (that won’t cost an arm and a leg) to get started.

John Valentine

John Valentine

The piece of his talk that stuck out for me was that hydroponics are on their way. It might now seem that way out here in Eatonville where we have room to garden. But in the cities, there is a lack of space and a lot of mouths to feet. In some areas they are building hydroponic greenhouses right on top of the grocery store. You can just walk upstairs for your lettuce.

We’ll have to see if anyone gives it a try. If you do, please report!

(Thanks for the pictures Anne!)

Greg Graves of Old Goat Farm talks Hostas

Hostas in the Summer (2014)

Hostas in the Summer (2014)

We had a great meeting on January 9th at Kathleen Owen’s home. Greg Grave of Old Goat Farm came and spoke on Hostas. Although none of our Hostas are out of the ground yet, he had lists of various types, pictures of the plants in his yard, and information on dividing and creating healthy clumps. We all left ready to buy out his nursery when it opens up this spring.

We talked about visiting some gardens around the area, like Powells, in the spring. It’s cold outside, but we felt like we’d peaked at spring.



Learning About Miniature Gardens

photoOn Thursday, June 12, we met at Sheryll Slayton’s home for our final meeting of the year. It was a kind of a grey day, but Sheryll and co-hostess Ginny created a cheery spot.

It’s been  a productive year and Mary and Rosie gave us a hint that Dogwood will be receiving a few awards at the next district meeting.

Our last talk this year was given by member Kathy Mettler, who gave us a miniature garden 101 class. Now there is no excuse not to have a garden, since you can create an entire landscape in a flower pot.

Although the year is winding down, we’re gearing up for one more event this summer — Art in Bloom. See you then!


Community Day Plant Sale a Success

Jan Landry helping set out plants

Jan Landry helping set out plants

The Community Day plant sale held May 2, at the Eatonville High School was a great success. We raised over $460.

Thank you everyone for taking time to pot up plants and man the booth. And thank you Sheryll for helping reel in the customers!